MacCann & Byrne’s range of mouldings add an aesthetic finish to your home and help bring it to life. We supply a wide range of ornamental and attractive options to suit your needs. This includes convenient white primed mouldings which come pre-primed and ready to paint.

  • Made from quality redwood
  • Clear and knotless appearance
  • Provides a decorative finish
  • White pre-primed mouldings also available *
1Angle22 x 22mm *28 x 28mm *42 x 42mm *
2Astrical8 x 18mm
3Barrel42 x 42mm *
4B.O.G8 x 15mm8 x 21mm
5Cover Slip5 x 21mm5 x 29mm *
7Four Reed6 x 21mm
8Half Round6 x 12mm6 x 18mm6 x 22mm
9Hockey Stick9 x 21mm18 x 30mm*
10Ovola Glass Bead9 x 12mm
11Parting Bead8 x 21mm
12Quadrant6 x 6mm12 x 12mm *15 x 15mm *21 x 21mm *
13Scotia21 x 21mm *21 x 21mm *32 x 32mm *
14Slip6 x 15mm6 x 18mm9 x 23mm *9 x 43mm *
15Square15 x 15mm *21 x 21mm21 x 21mm
  • angle-moulding
  • astrical-moulding
  • barrel-moulding
  • bog-moulding
  • cover-slip-moulding
  • dowel-moulding
  • four-reed-moulding
  • half-round-moulding
  • hockey-moulding
  • glass-beed-moulding
  • parting-bead-moulding
  • quadrant-moulding
  • scotia-moulding
  • slip-moulding
  • square-moulding