Door Frames

We supply the finest whitewood door frames machined from high quality kiln-dried Scandinavian timber. The frames are single rebated and come prepared for finishing with paint, varnish, stain or oil. Convenient door sets consisting of two lengths (stiles) and one head are also available.

  • Single rebated lengths
  • Kiln-dried Scandinavian timber
  • Suitable for internal use only
  • Door sets available
1Whitewood Single Rebated125 x 44mm
150 x 44mm
Whitewood Door Frame Sets125 x 44mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
150 x 44mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
Whitewood PAO Sets115 x 35mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
150 x 35mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
2Redwood Single Rebated125 x 50mm
150 x 50mm
Redwood Door Frame Sets125 x 50mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
150 x 50mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
Redwood PAO Sets115 x 38mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
150 x 38mm2.1m (x2), 0.9m (x1)
  • Redwood door frame
  • Whitewood door frame