Cimsa Cement

Super White is a cement with a difference: the brilliant white finish sets it apart from the typical grey appearance of standard Portland cement, meaning that it can be used in areas where an attractive, stylish look is required. Super White also has minimal alkali content, which can cause cracks when the alkali absorbs excess water. Chromium levels too are often an issue in cement and are known to cause dermatological problems. Super White has a chromium content 6 times lower than EU standards.

  • Brilliant white finish instead of typical grey
  • Minimum 85% whiteness
  • Chromium level x6 times lower than EU limit
  • Lower than 0.6% alkali content
  • High early compressive strength of 36MPa
  • Compressive strength of 58MPa after 28 days
No.SizePallet Size
125kg bag64 x 25kg bags
  • Bag of Cimsa cement